Red Line Thu

Red line

10 cities in 5 countries in 7 days

Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels & more

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Blue line

10 cities in 6 countries in 7 days

Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, the Alps & more

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Blue Line Sat
Green Line Mon

Green Line

11 cities in 5 countries in 7 days

Paris, Rome, Venice, Vatican City, Monaco & more

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Purple line

London, Edinburgh, Cambridge and more

Paris, London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Lake District, Manchester, Bicester Village & more

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Purple Line Tue
Yellow Line Tue

Yellow line

Spain & Portugal

Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Seville, Granada, Málaga, Valencia & more

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Pink line

Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Copenhagen, Jönköping, Stockholm, Lillehammer, Sogndal, Flam, Oslo & more

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Pink Line Alt