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Established in the Netherlands in 1986, GEG Travel Limited is a tried and tested European coach tour operator. When you join our branded tours, you can be assured that you are in a safe pair of hands. 

Go EU Go is a wholly unique and original concept which has been successfully running for 30+ years. Owned and exclusively operated by GEG Travel Limited, we don't expect you to settle for anything less. 

The Go EU Go tour concept presents a vast network of circular coach routes with several joining points and interchanges all across Europe so passengers have the flexibility to customise and plan their tour to suit their preferred dates and destinations. 

Our Red line travels from Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg) all the way to Paris across Luxembourg to join up with the Green line (Switzerland, Italy, France) where it explores the Alps and fashion capital Milan before traveling further down to ancient Rome, Italy. 

Both Green and Red line connects with the Blue line (Czech, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland) providing passengers with an eye-opening introduction to Eastern Europe with its old European grandiose cities such as Prague and Budapest.  From Paris, the Red line links up with the Purple line (England, Scotland and Wales) going via the North Sea channel crossing all the way up to the Scottish highlands and returning via the shopaholic heaven of Bicester Village Outlet. 

In the Summer months, we also run a Yellow line (Spain, Portugal) touring across Mediterranean Europe with its breathtaking Barcelona art and architecture, hustle and bustle of Zaragosa to the relaxing sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol and green oasis that is Lisbon Portugal. 

Go EU Go presents a whole new way of travelling and discovering an entire continent by experiencing the rich diversity of all its member countries. Playful, varied, like a plate of good tapas ready for you to tuck into.  

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Kenneth Tang 
Founder & CEO