goEUgo joining points available in 25 European cities

When you book a goEUgo tour, you can start your journey from any of the official goEUgo joining points. Currently available in 25 European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Frankfurt or Lucerne, you can count on our guaranteed weekly departures from all these cities to start your European adventure.

goEUgo joining points available in 25 European cities

Green Line Itinerary

  • Day 1: Paris – Lucerne
  • Day 2: Lucerne – Milan – Venice
  • Day 3: Venice – Rome
  • Day 4: Rome – Vatican – Arrezzo
  • Day 5: Arrezzo – Florence – Pisa – Genoa
  • Day 6: Genoa – Monaco – Nice – Cannes – Avignon
  • Day 7: Avignon – Paris


Mr & Mrs Smith from the USA are vacationing in Switzerland. They would like to visit parts of northern Italy and Southern France, but for this, they prefer to join a tour.

They discover that goEUgo Green Line departs every Sunday at 08:30AM from Lucerne Central Train Station, Switzerland.

After reviewing the itinerary they decide to join the tour until Paris (Day 6). From Paris they will make their way back to the USA.