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Budapest, Lake Balaton, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Blagaj, Mostar, Sarajevo, Vinkovci, Pecs, Budapest


  • Budapest
  • Lake Balaton
  • Zagreb
  • Plitvice Lakes
  • Zadar
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik
  • Blagaj
  • Mostar
  • Sarajevo
  • Vinkovci
  • Pecs
  • Budapest

Budapest - Zagreb (410 km)

In the morning, you will have a wonderful drive to Balaton Lake, it’s one of the best Resort in Hungary. Affectionately called “Hungarian Sea,” Lake Balaton is one of the largest lakes in central Europe. Lake Balaton and its region have become more popular because of its attractive scenery.

Then we will depart to the Croatian capital Zagreb. This is a city which went through wars, but the buildings are still well preserved. The ancient city is full of beautiful Gothic architecture, decorations are exquisitely crafted. Together with Mediterranean cuisine and locally produced wines, as well as the friendly Croatian hospitality, Zagreb is sure to be a wonderful experience. You will visit the city's highlights such as the Zagreb Cathedral, the Ban Jelačić Square and the Church of St. Mark.


Zagreb - Zadar (275 km)

Today you will enjoy a guided tour into the Plitvice Lakes National Park, known as the Jiuzhaigou of Europe. It consists of 16 lakes joined by waterfalls, along walkways and hiking trails. In the dense mountains, layers of travertine barriers make a natural dam, forming fairy tale lakes. The calcium carbonate rich water has a special silver colour, mirroring the trees on its surface and forming tiny crystals, the view is stunning. Surrounded by trees, the lakes have the perfect tranquil atmosphere.


Zadar - Dubrovnik (322 km)

After breakfast you will enter the ancient city of Zadar. The city has a strong religious atmosphere, still retaining the narrow streets and buildings of the middle ages. It’s like going back in time. Close to the waterfront, you can admire the modern Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, an amazing solar light display. Then you will head to Split, the second largest city in Croatia. The city is still in ancient Roman style buildings, which date back to over 1,700 years. The most famous are the ruins of Diocletian's Palace, which was built in the fourth century AD.


Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik (150 km)

The Nobel Prize winning writer Bernard Shaw once said: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik. He wasn’t exaggerating. Dubrovnik is a place where people can fall in love at first sight. You must not miss exploring the seaside city that inspired Miyazaki’s masterpiece The Witch's Delivery Service, and this place is also King’s Landing in Game of Thrones! You will see the famous places: the Old Town, the city walls, the defensive tower, the recto’s palace, and the Franciscan monastery. You can take a cable car to go up in the mountain and admire the beauty of the city. Your day of heaven on earth will end with an overnight stay in Neum or city nearby.


Dubrovnik - Sarajevo (186 km)

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the focus of today’s itinerary and was originally one of the six socialist republics of the former Yugoslavia. First stop today is Počitelj, the stepped medieval fortress village, which has now been included in the World Cultural Heritage List. You also see stunning Blagaj with its Dervish Monastery nestled into a 200 meter high cliff and surrounded by crystal clear streams. Then you head on to the ancient city of Mostar, to cross the magnificent ancient arch bridge and capture the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. After visiting this ancient city of poetry and paintings, you drive to the hotel and stay in Sarajevo or city nearby.


Sarajevo - Vinkovci (220 km)

Sarajevo was once an important gateway to the East. This city, which combines different religions and cultures, has a very different European style. As if reborn after a fire, it was recently selected by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. Its profound historical imprint, which includes the assassination at the Latin Bridge that caused the First World War, and the "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures Line" on the ground, can still be found in the Old Town. The rebirth and transformation of Sarajevo is reflected in the modern architecture of the new city. After the visit, you will cross the border into Croatia.


Vinkovci - Budapest (367 km)

Departing in the morning and returning to Hungary – you will visit Pecs, located between the Danube and the Drava, it is one of the most attractive cities in Hungary, with a pleasant climate and long history. Pecs also features a magnificent museum and the best Turkish ruins in the country. Pecs is known for music, opera and ballet. Highlight is the Pécs Cathedral towering over central Szent István Square. You will drive back to Budapest in the afternoon.

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