• Paris Place d’Italie
  • Annecy
  • Jungfrau
  • Interlaken
  • Zweisimmen (Golden Pass Train)
  • Montreux
  • Chamonix
  • Geneva
  • Paris Place d’Italie

Paris Place d’Italie - Annecy (560 km)

Day 1: Meeting point: Place d'Italie, 08:30 am (Same-day and location as circular tour - Green Line )
Gather in the morning and travel by coach along the highway to the famous city of Annecy, located at the border of the Alps, in the regions of France, Switzerland, and Italy. Annecy is renowned for its art and history and is often hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in France, attracting numerous visitors. The famous love story of the French philosopher Rousseau and Madame de Warens has made the Lover's Bridge a romantic landmark in Annecy. Enjoy free time in the town, stroll through the canal district of Old Annecy, and admire the beautiful lake and mountain scenery along the way. Accommodation is near the border city of France and Switzerland. Recommended hotel: Savoie Hotel aux portes de Genève*** or equivalent Meals: Not included. Freedom of choice

• Swiss Lake and Mountain Scenery 4-Day Tour: Paris departure, from June to September 2024, every Saturday, Min. 2 person, guaranteed departure ! Complimentary gift: Golden Pass Train Ticket! Tour Fee includes: Golden Pass Train ticket (Second class), 3nights in 3 - 4star hotels with continental breakfast, sightseeing tours

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Annecy - Jungfrau - Interlaken (260 km)

Day 2: breakfast, we'll drive towards the majestic Swiss Alps, to the renowned Jungfrau region, often referred to as the "Top of Europe" (at own expense). We'll first take a scenic train ride along the Jungfrau Railway to the transfer station, and then switch to the cogwheel train to reach the highest railway station in Europe, where we can explore the perpetually snow-covered Jungfrau. The panoramic views from here are breathtaking, offering sweeping views of the majestic peaks of the Alps. Afterward, we'll head to the charming resort town of Interlaken, nestled between two lakes amidst the towering peaks, resembling a picturesque painting. Here, we'll have some free time to explore. Accommodation is near the mountain town. Recommended hotel: A1 Hotel Restaurant Grauholz AG **** or equivalent Meals: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner not included. Freedom of choice.


Interlaken - Zweisimmen (Golden Pass Train) - Montreux - Chamonix - Geneva (296 km)

Day 3: , we'll make sure you experience the highlights of Swiss beauty! As a present, we'll give you a second-class ticket for the Golden Pass Train. In the morning, we'll drive to the Zweisimmen station and board one of Switzerland's most beautiful train routes, the Golden Pass Express. This train journey offers continuous panoramic views of stunning landscapes, with equally captivating scenery and comfort along the way. Upon reaching Montreux, we'll drive to the picturesque Chillon Castle situated between Lake Geneva and steep mountains (at own expense). This castle, with its elegant exterior, served as both a military fortress and a noble residence. We'll then proceed to Chamonix, a town located near the junction of Italy, France, and Switzerland, where you can admire the breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and enjoy the leisurely atmosphere of the town, adding enjoyment to life. Accommodation is near the border city of France and Switzerland. Recommended hotel: Oskar Hotel *** or equivalent Meals: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner not included. Freedom of choice.


Geneva - Paris Place d’Italie (545 km)

Day 4 : Geneva, the City of Peace, is Switzerland's second-largest city and is part of the Swiss French-speaking region. It enjoys high international recognition mainly due to the presence of numerous international organizations. Geneva serves as the headquarters of the European branch of the United Nations and is also the birthplace of the Red Cross. The Jet d'Eau, a large water fountain, is the symbol of Geneva, known as the "smallest international metropolis" in the world. After touring the city's iconic landmarks, we'll leave Switzerland and drive back to Paris. Drop-off point: Place d'Italie around 20:00
Breakfast: hotel's restaurant. Lunch & Dinner: not included, freedom of choice

1. NO accommodation is included on the last day of the tour. The arrival time at Paris is for reference only, and will be based on the actual traffic situation on that day. In case of delays, it is not disputable and does not constitute any grounds for compensation claims.
2. Paris Place d’Italie . Address: 211 Boulevard Vincent Auriol,75013 Paris

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